This Ojibway Club wedding was incredible. The day started when I arrived at the marina where I hopped on a boat for a fifteen minute ride to the island. Megan and Kip are an adventurous couple and so it was fitting that they got married on a remote island on Georgian Bay, Ontario.

The club reminds me of something out of an old movie from the turn of the century. It was built in 1906 as a hotel, but now is used for cottagers and weddings like this. It truly has a unique feel to it, windswept pines surround the island, and the open water calls to the adventurous soul.

This wedding, and all weddings, reminded me of the ups and downs of life. It forces you to choose - either live, or to give up for the inevitable trials that come. Love is a gift that brings us together through good times, and bad. Love binds husband and wife together through a promise.That promise is what makes marriage so unique. It is exclusive and unites two people as one. The love between spouses is something that grows over time and the commitment and work that goes into a marriage makes selflessness as a necessity for it's success.

The 15 minute boat ride took me from Pointe au Baril to the island where I met up with Megan & Kip who were getting ready in separate cabins next to each other. The day was overcast, but the sun peaked out and shone on their faces during the ceremony.

From the moment I met Megan & Kip, I knew they were an adventurous couple. The wedding was beautiful, rustic, and timeless. Often the very words that I use to describe my work. The mood felt relaxed and romantic. The smiles, laughs, and stunning moments overlooking the bay made for a wonderful visual story.

The smiles, laughter, tears and well of emotions at weddings never gets boring to photograph. And photographing weddings in Muskoka and Ontario in general is always a privilege for me. This one didn't disappoint. See below for the visual story of the day.

Congratulations Megan & Kip!