My name is Geoff. I'm a wedding photographer, believer, husband, and father. I capture the beauty of weddings with calmness and a caring desire to capture your love story in a timeless and nostalgic way. My love for wedding photography stems from my love of romantic storytelling and nostalgic cinema. I want your wedding gallery to look like a movie, and an artful representation of your day filled with genuine moments. I'm adventurous at heart and draw inspiration for my photographic style from the classic aesthetic and dreamy feeling of 1940's Muskoka.

When you inquire with me, we'll make everything from booking, to capturing your day, to delivering your final gallery easy and straightforward. With over six years of shooting weddings, I'm here to help make your day everything you desire it to be. Let's capture a legacy of memories that will be cherished by you and your loved ones for generations to come.

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...a little more about me

I grew up visiting my grandparent's cottage in the summers. While there I was fascinated by the water and the outdoors. I learned to love the lifestyle surrounding Muskoka - everything from canoeing to swimming, sailing, and wakeboarding. As I look back on those years, I remember sitting next to my grandfather and reading his old western novels. I remember the smell in the air when we put a fire on and the summer heat cooling off in the evenings. I remember how important family is, and how the legacies we leave have an impact on future generations. As a husband to Kayla, a dad to our son Carter, and now in my 30's, I am beginning to realize that life is short and the biggest moments in our lives are fleeting. I was introduced to the world of photography nearly a decade ago during a trip to the Bahamas. I learned to freedive, and photograph underwater. Over the last decade, my passion for photography has only grown and encompasses underwater, commercial work and weddings. I have had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as Canada Goose and Tag Heuer. My work has graced the walls of the Royal Ontario Museum, and I've attended prestigious awards ceremonies. However, it is photographing weddings that holds the most significance for me.

Love stories unite us. Almost all humans know what it means to love someone, or at least we desire to know what it means. To me, the true essence of love is embodied in the person of Christ. Most people even if they're not Christian, know that famous verse that is spoken at a lot of weddings - love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy or boast... despite its frequent use, the words still hold their profound meaning.

Love is self-sacrificial. It is inherently other-centred. In marriage, the goal is not what your spouse can do for you, it's what you can do for them, how you can serve them, and grow together. I believe that should be the mentality. Love is selfless and focuses on serving others, which is truly beautiful. With my photography and the couples I serve, I try to have that same ethic of a servant's heart, while capturing lifetime memories frozen in photographs. For me, the power to look at a photo and remember the wind rustling through the trees, the gentle lapping of water on the shore, and the surreal feeling of my wife walking down the aisle, is invaluable. Great photographs tell stories - that will always be my intention.

We are given one precious life to live and photography has the power to capture it.

- G