What can I say, this intimate wedding in Gravenhurst was one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I have ever shot. I drove two hours north to meet Erika and the bridesmaids at a small cottage near Gravenhurst. Laughter and smiles filled the atmosphere as they got ready and popped champagne. Erika's dress was rented from the awesome Daughters of Indie. Check them out if you're looking at some unique dresses at affordable prices.

A short drive away was Erika's family's cottage where the ceremony took place. The arbour on the dock looked beautiful as the fall leaves glistened in the breeze. Later, the sun came bursting through the sky and lit up Erika and Fraser on the dock. The timing was perfect and it made for some gorgeous moments.

One of the most entertaining and memorable moments I have ever photographed came when Fraser pulled up in his new boat and picked up Erika and the whole wedding party. Everyone climbed in the boat, which far exceeded the recommended maximum number. And they sailed off into the sunset as laughter echoed across the lake.

As the sun set, the wedding party and family sat down for a candle lit dinner with overhanging lights. The intimacy, laughter, tears and emotions ran high as speeches were said. We ate local pizza, drank wine and champagne, along with an assortment of sides. I love the casual nature of intimate cottage weddings. It creates a laid back and fun mood that allows people to be vulnerable. The most memorable moments come when vulnerability runs high.

There's nothing like wedding moments. It reveals the beauty in humanity. Gathering with loved ones and celebrating family, love, and commitment is something that will never get old to photograph. See below for more from this intimate wedding in Gravenhurst.

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