This wedding at Sydenham Ridge Estates was incredible, and one of my favourite weddings I've captured. Elizabeth, Somers and their families were a pleasure to work with. Their gracious attitude and love was apparent throughout the day. Tears and laughs were shared as the ceremony proceeded under a stunning oak tree with a beautiful floral backdrop.

Intimate weddings are becoming more common and this year has been full of them. But, I cannot complain, as I find intimate weddings to be my favourite form of wedding to shoot. The reduced number of people simply heightens the emotions of the day because of the intimacy. Everyone can easily talk to each other, and it feels more powerful.

Sydenham Ridge Estates holds many opportunities for natural beauty and ideal photo locations. The on site suite is perfect for any bride who wants a luxurious and rustic location to get ready in. Plus, the ceremony location is surrounded by lush greenery and a large oak tree at the centre. It reminds me a lot of this wedding I shot at Brooklands Farm in Muskoka.

Between dinner and dessert I pulled Liz and Somers away for sunset. I love doing this for all my couples if there is an opportunity. The light shone warmly on the newlyweds, and I couldn't help but feel the emotions that they were. We walked around to the various locations of the venue, including fields, tree-lined driveways, lush forest trails, and the ceremony location itself.

Days like this are why I love to document weddings.

See below for the visual story.