Snowmobile Engagement Session on Georgian Bay

October 8, 2021

The cold air blowed and the bright sun shone as we ventured onto the frozen surface of Georgian Bay on snowmobiles. This was my first time driving a sled, but I found it pretty easy and extremely fun. The air temp was around -22, but that didn't stop the smiles, laughter, and fun of the day photographing Michelle and Hunter.

An early Saturday morning on a cold day such as this is usually spent indoors by the fire, enjoying a book, or sleeping in. But for us, we ventured onto the frozen bay, and explored various islands and snow covered icescapes.

Michelle and Hunter sum up the ideal couple I love to photograph. They're adventurous, fun, easy-going, and down to take on any idea I have in my head for a great shot.

The beauty of Georgian Bay is something that I long for and I love to capture. The windswept pines, vast expanses of islands and fresh water make it a dream. It's a place that fills the soul with feelings of wonder.

Marriage is often not associated with such places. But to me, the wilderness and untamed landscapes of Muskoka and Georgian Bay evoke what marriage is. As these places are full of adventure, marriage is too. As these places are full of uncertainty, marriage is also.

But however much these places resemble these things, they also have a concrete quality. These islands and lakes seem to be frozen in time, rarely changing in any way. They are dependable to always bring beautiful moments. Marriage resembles these things to me as well. While things around us change and love grows deeper, marriage is a bedrock and in a way, feels eternal.

I hope you enjoy looking at this beautiful photoshoot! Michelle and Hunter were such a pleasure to photograph and so free and full of life. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year.